Message from the Chair

The Military Police Fund for Blind Children (MPFBC) was founded in 1957 and specializes in assisting visually impaired children up to the age of 21. The fund is operated entirely by Military Police volunteers and has no paid employees. Every Canadian Forces establishment has a local representative and there are regional representatives on the Board of Directors. All funds raised are used to benefit visually impaired children. All Military Police and our partners are extremely proud of the Fund. The Board of Directors have been especially gratified with the success of the Fund. We define success by the money raised by our hard working volunteers, and most importantly, by the amount of disbursements to visually impaired children. Welcome to the Military Police Fund for Blind Children Web Site. I trust that this site will provide valuable insight on the Fund and awareness in MPFBC activities across Canada. Also, I hope the site will allow you to participate and share in the success, improving the lives of visually impaired children across Canada.