Target Obtained

The four pillars of the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy are Duty, Integrity, Discipline and Courage and part of the pillar of duty is to be supportive of the community both on duty and off. Recently CWO Johnstone (RSM CFMPA) challenged the members of the MP QL3 Crse 0016 to raise $1500 for the Military Police Fund for Blind Children by 30 Oct 13. If the course raised the money, he would join them when they underwent the oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray scenario which is part of their Use of Force package. Oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray is commonly referred to as "pepper spray" and is not a pleasant experience. The fund raiser came down to the wire with Crse 0016 raising $1560, with the benefit of last minute donations by staff, just before the OC exercise and as a reward for being the top contributor/fund raiser, Cpl O’Brien was permitted to spray the RSM.

CWO Johnstone was gracious in defeat and led by example by being the first person to get sprayed during the exercise. CWO Johnstone showed tactical know-how and poise while executing the obstacle course which involved employing the ASP baton for strikes; engaging a confrontational opponent who was wearing protective equipment; and engaging an individual armed with an knife up to and including his arrest and subsequent securing of the individual in the patrol vehicle prior to requesting assistance. He in fact showed the students how it is done and the DS stated his performance was not indicative of the pain and stress involved. The students of MP QL3 0016 should be congratulated as they met the challenge and raised funds for this worthy cause. They also got to spray the RSM.

Mission success!